Our journey began in Perth just before the second half of 2011. The need to establish an Association that will help Malawians in Australia to be identified as a people, as a community was in every Malawian’s mind Australia wide. A time came when all the efforts had to be combined since we all served a common goal. Now with renewed energy following a meeting with the new Malawian Consular to Australia Trent Smyth on 29th August in Perth, a path to the formal establishment of the Association was organized.  We decided on finalising the charter and an agreement on the AGM date was reached by the attendees of that meeting. The interim committee took over that mantle of making sure that deadline was met.


In 2015 a second Association was formed in Victoria so expand the connection between Malawians in Australia and around the world.

Both the Western Australian chapter and Victorian chapter operate independently.

Mission statement

 “Work collectively as Malawians to promote, create, encourage, foster and achieve economic, social and political environments in which sustainable, diversified collective and personal growth is realized.”

Key objectives

To facilitate the settlement of Malawians in Australia in all its forms.

To promote Malawian Culture and Language in all its forms.

To foster the development of members as individuals, students, parents, and career/working people.

To provide a forum for members to interact and socialize through discussions, cultural events, social and other activities.

To assist Association members represent the Association at higher regional, national and international levels.