The Mission of the Associations of  Malawians in Australia (AMIA) is to

“Work collectively as members to promote, create, encourage, foster and achieve economic, social and political environments in which sustainable, diversified collective and personal growth is realized, without political or religious affiliation.”

AMIA was formed with the aim of collectively harnessing developmental and promotional initiatives amongst Malawians in Australia. The following are our principles:

  • Development and maintenance of an open, transparent, accountable, collaborative environment amongst all participating members and partners.
  • Commitment to share and support common goals.
  • Encouragement of consensus in decision making where appropriate.
  • Securement of resources to manage the Association and its initiatives.
  • Taking an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community

We organise social events, fundraise for charitable causes and welcome and support new community members.

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